Imran Emmanuel – Creative Industries Officer

Imran Emmanuel has been an event planner and entrepreneur in the entertainment sector in Saint Lucia for over five years. His upbeat attitude and attention to detail and ability to organize all aspects of a function has resulted in a number of successful events.

Imran a has a passion for entertainment events and service, which he realized from his  experience as one of the founders of Signature Events promotions company in 2005, working with high profile professionals and athletes  in Saint Lucia to execute a number of successful events. In June, 2007 Imran then went on to become the Programme Manager for the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce where he was a member of the planning committee for Jazz on the Square and the Opening of Saint Lucia Jazz.  Whiles at the Chamber Imran also executed logistics for the Commercial Football league, speaking engagements and public relations events including those such as The Chamber Business Awards, and others within the national spotlight.

In January, 2010 was employed at the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation where he was assigned the duties of coordinating logistics for project workshops, training programmes, tourism related competitions and tourism events such as Tourism Week.

Presently Imran is employed as the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries as the Creative Industries Officer assigned to guide the creative potential of Saint Lucia toward economic benefits generated from its cultural, artistic, innovative and traditional expressions.

Imran Emmanuel has a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurial Studies from the Barney School of Business of the University of Hartford. Imran is a natural in the event industry. His warm and enthusiastic personality, along with flawless precision and attention to detail, has helped contribute to his success and client satisfaction. His vision and passion for the mission that perfection is truly in the details have set a high mark in the CPMA’s commitment to excellence.

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