Youth Summer Arts Platform (YSAP) 2017

The Youth Summer Arts Platform was introduced in July 2014 as a Summer Arts programme focused on introducing young students to the various genres of the Arts while educating them on aspects of St Lucian and Caribbean culture. It replaced the annual Summer programme that was offered by the CDF during the same period. The main aim of YSAP is to engage youth between the ages of 8 and 17 yrs. in training activities that would result in them demonstrating an appreciation for Arts and culture, exploring their creativity and giving consideration to careers in the various genres of the Arts. A specific model was used from 2014 to 2016 which involved a period of introductory training sessions in a number of areas including Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Drama, Dance, Craft, Art, Graphic Design, Costume Design, Music and Singing, Drumming, Photography, Film and Animation. This training was followed by auditions, rehearsals and the staging of a theatrical production, the script for which was developed by either the YSAP students themselves, or a group of young writers in a preceding script writing workshop. The model has been used successfully for the last three years.

This year, students were taken into the Piaye community to meet and interact with the members of the twadisyon O’pyay cultural group, study and learn aspects of the art form from the members themselves. They listened to a variety of presentations (history of the group, the structure of the group, what they do – festivals, performances, etc.), conducted interviews, had group discussions, learned aspects of the art form (dance, music/songs drumming, etc.).  During this time all footage including video and photographs were taken for preparation of the film. Community research occured three times a week: Monday to Wednesday.  The other two days: Thursday and Friday, the students remained at the National Cultural Centre in Castries with their facilitators discussing what they learned – putting structure to their presentations and rehearsing the aspects of the art-form that they have selected to include in the production.

Koutoumba – Péyi Béké

                                                       Response: Wo yo yoi 2x

péyi béké mwen pa ni manman


Péyi Béké, Péyi béké ahiwé mwen pa ni manman

péyi béké mwen pa ni manman, péyi béké mwen pa ni papa

Péyi Béké, éy éy éy  Péyi Béké ahiwé poutoumba gwamé

Ou ni koutla’w  é  ou  ni  baton’w , pa pÒté  hadi’w ban mwen

Péyi béké mwen pa ni manman, péyi béké mwen pa ni papa

Ou ni koutla’w é ou ni baton’w pa pÒté hadi’w ban mwen

Péyi béké mwen pa ni manman, péyi béké mwen pa ni papa

Péyi béké, éy éy  éy, péyi béké ahiwé poutoumba gwamé

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