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Culture and the Arts have always defined our expression and our spaces.

We believe that with the steady shift towards a knowledge-based society, Saint Lucia’s  writers, painters, filmmakers, entertainers and other ‘creatives’ can confidently command their place within the economy to advance the business of culture and the Arts, significantly contributing to GDP.

We would like you to partner with us in our quest to develop and nurture a cultural environment that is second to none, of which all Saint Lucians can be proud; that builds bridges within our society, and to our Caribbean sister-nations and the world.

2 Responses to Partner With Us

  1. waguma yasin says:

    Thanks for the initiative, we need to partner for community development

    • admin says:

      Hello Butembe, Uganda! Welcome to our website. We would be happy to post an article on aspects of your culture you would like to promote. If this is of interest to you, send us an article with some photos so we can share a bit of your culture to the Caribbean

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