Emrand Henry remembers Francis “Leebo” DeLima

Photo Credit: The Voice Newspaper

In 2004  I  was honored to work with a gifted, versatile, well rounded producer by the name of Francis “Leebo” Delima. I was enjoying the success of my victory at the  Cable and Wireless star quest competition when  I  was assigned to Leebo to work on a couple of singles for an album called “A new song.”

Working with Leebo was an unforgettable experience. He was a perfectionist. Many times I  came to the studio with an idea and Leebo enhanced the project by contributing to the lyrics and melodies .

He was also a good friend, a big brother ,mentor and peace keeper. I remember coming to studio on Saturdays and Leebo and I would be in studio talking about life, religion, the bible and God. He always professed his love for Jesus to me.

As a gospel artist he made me feel welcome to record in a friendly and respectful environment. Leebo was a brother and role model to many of us. One of St.Lucia’s music icons… Big up to Heights Music… Your legacy will live on… Emrand Henry say so…

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