Internationally August 1st, is Labour Day. However, in Saint Lucia it is celebrated as Emancipation and National Heroes Day in remembrance of the abolition of slavery in 1834, and in recognition of notable Saint Lucians who have helped to shape the country’s development.

The Cultural Development Foundation carries out programming for Emancipation to provide our consumers with an understanding of our history through culture.

Emancipation served as a launch pad for many of our traditional and creative expressions, in that not only were our ancestors provided with the opportunities to express themselves through dance, song etc., but they were now able to grow individually and as a community by utilising their creative skills as the foundation for their social and economic success.

Today, the Cultural Development Foundation and sister organisations celebrate and promote Emancipation in the context of:

  • Realising human rights through culture;
  • Empowering people through active participation in art and cultural activities;
  • Ensuring freedom of expression for artists and cultural actors;
  • Promoting inter-cultural dialogue and collaboration; and
  • Enhancing economic growth through the creative industries.

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