Training, Promotion & Development

CDF is committed to the promotion and development of arts and culture – We seek to harness and burgeon interest, talent and skills in all aspects of our artistic and cultural environment.    This is manifested in our vibrant, structured and tailored-to-needs programmes of training and development initiatives targeted at our clients:  Artistes, artists, artisans, schools, community groups, sister agencies

This holistic focus on the development of technical knowledge, skill, creativity and business development in the arts and culture will rebound into the mushrooming of more creative expression, sophisticated exhibition, professional approach and rewarding careers among practitioners.

We partner with community organizations, institutions and agencies in identifying, accessing, developing and facilitating workshops, seminars, courses, master classes, study-camps apprenticeship, and internships, developmental and promotional activities geared towards preserving our cultural festivals and traditions and growing our contemporary arts scene, while enriching and enhancing the experience for all.

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