National Cultural Policy

The following were developed from the National Cultural Policy, under the five main headings of that Policy. After each Objective are listed some of the activities which might be considered to achieve the Objective.

A.  Cultural and Artistic Promotion and Development

Objective 1:  To continue and expand training programmes and opportunities  in the Visual, Literary and Performing Arts island wide.

  • Workshops for adults and children, and Training of Trainers in various venues.

Objective 2To increase the capacity of cultural institutions to fulfill their  mandates through training and other interventions aimed at strengthening the institutional management.

  • Management and Business Training for organizations and groups;
  • Collaboration on events and activities for demonstration purposes;
  • Interventions e.g.. Steelband Association.

Objective 3: To promote Inter-sectoral activities amongst selected institutions/ Organizations through consultations, technical assistance, and creation of a network.

  • Consultations in various districts and among CDF membership as it develops;
  • Membership Drive.

B.  Cultural Heritage-Preservation and Protection

Objective 4:  To support, facilitate, and collaborate where appropriate, with other Institutions pro-active in preservation and protection of Saint Lucia’s Heritage.

  • Collaboration with the FRC on Documentation

Objective 5: Encourage National Pride and National Identity through  appropriate  activities surrounding days of national and regional significant.

  • All Special Events

C. Culture and Development

Objective 6To devise a Strategy for the development of Cultural Industries in Saint Lucia.

  • Foster and support the development of the Music and Craft Industries.

Objective 7To ensure the full integration of Culture into National Planning and Development.

  • Research into economic value of Cultural Activities;
  • Advocacy

D. Cultural Relations

Objective 8: To continue the utilization of regional and international resources and Exchange visits to enhance the quality of the Saint Lucian cultural Landscape and to promote Saint Lucia in countries.

  • Exchange visits both to and from Saint Lucia;
  • Participation in Conferences, meetings and workshops of value to Saint Lucia

E.  Cultural Financing and Administration

Objective 9: To generate and source funds to support events and programmes from local private sector, national, regional and international organizations and countries, and to manage these funds effectively and efficiently.

  • Expand the local Private Sector support for cultural activities;
  • Prepare proposals for external organizations
  • Negotiate with other countries with whom Saint Lucia has Cultural Agreements for Technical Assistance and other resources.

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