Dana Dolor-Jn Pierre

Danna Dolor-Jn. Pierre -Training Development and Promotion Officer

Over the years Danna has served the Government of St. Lucia as Secretary in various Ministries, including serving as Secretary to the Director of Culture at the precursor to the CDF, the Department of Culture.  Mrs. Jn. Pierrre has also functioned in the capacity of Administrative Assistant, focusing her attention on whatever areas her services have been required.

Danna has developed her interest in the arts learning to play steel pan studying music theory and playing the piano and drums at the Saint Lucia School of Music.  She has also learned the traditional dances with Helen Folk Dancers which has afforded her the privilege of performing at events to showcase her dance skill.

Mrs. Jn. Pierre currently holds the position of Officer in the Training, Promotions & Development Department and looks forward to fulfilling her duties and as part of the team to fulfill the mandate of the Cultural Development Foundation.



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